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Nobles Railways Industry Company was established to bring a fresh approach and new dimension into Sudanese and African railway industries and implement new technologies and standards since the international market requires the construction and rehabilitation of current railways lines.

At Nobles Railways Industry Company we takes pride in having a flexible infrastructure, with sufficient and efficient resources, specialized professionals, and skilled workers, with well established partnerships that allow us to design and implement the best solutions required by the railway industry.

Nobles Railways Industry Company caters to top industry players by providing dedicated top tier services.

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Featured Projects

Babanusa - AbuJabra Line

Nobles Railway was able to rehabilitate 130km of railway tracks linking the cities of Babanusa and Abu Jabra in western Sudan. The railway line runs parallel to the old line with completely new parts.

Khartoum - Atbara Line

Khartoum – Atbara railway line with a length of 313km. All Components were provided and installed by Nobles railway. This was not simple a renovation as everything in the line was replaced.

Train being lowered from ship

Khartoum State
Passenger Trains

This projet was executed in partnership with the Khartoum State Government and the Naitional Railway Authority to provide a solution to public transport shortages in the capital. Nobles Railways has implemented all the infrastructure for the project as well as providing the railway engines and passenger cars.

Atbara - Port Sudan Line

Nobles Railway was able to rehabilitate 503km of railway tracks linking the city of Atbara to Port Sudan. This was also not a simple renovation as everything in the line was replaced.

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