Nobles Investment Group

 innovation in industry and services. Building the future together for 15 years.


Finding reliable and sustainable solutions is our ultimate goal!

Since 2006, Nobles Group has been successful in understanding the needs of the region and creating reliable products and services to address these needs for consumers and businesses alike.

In recent years, we have implemented major changes in the organization of Nobles Group. These changes have resulted is a streamlined group of companies with considerably reduced overheads and a leading market position due to the quality of products and services we provide.

Nobles Group has been steadily growing locally and regionally. This is thanks to the combined efforts of our team at the Group as well the Chairman’s clear vision for the group and its future.

This growth has also been achieved due to the successful partnerships we have established over the years with our suppliers, business partners, as well as our customers.


Quality comes first! We make sure that every minute detail is taken into consideration while executing our services. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction.


Our vision is to offer quality products and provide Value added­ services to a large customer base throughout the local market segments and to expand our operations to overseas countries.
Nobles Group will continue to expand through strategically collaborating with regional partners to be able to compete on an international level.


Nobles Investment Group’s central purpose and role is to maintain steady growth, develop and open new markets for our business operations, to be distinguish ourselves from competition in the local market as well as overseas. We goal is to deliver outstanding services and quality products.


Nobles Investment Group operates in accordance with the highest standards in all its relationships; be it customers, suppliers, the environment, and especially the communities we serve and work with.
Nobles Group fosters a climate which encourages innovation and motivates as well as rewards those who take initiatives.

Nobles Investment Group is on the path to becoming a publicly traded international investment group.

Mr. Mamoun Abdelmutalab

Chairman's Message

Our vision is to offer essential products and provide added­ value services to a large customer base throughout local market segments and to expand our operations overseas.

Nobles Group will continue to expand through organic growth, strategic
collaboration, and acquisitions on an international level.

Our central purpose and role is to maintain steady growth, to develop and introduce new markets, to be surpass the competition locally and overseas all this while maintaining outstanding quality in the services and products we offer.

We have concentrated our efforts on using our expertise in various fields in combination with the cuttings edge technologies in order to make big strides in the direction of our objectives.

Here we would like to sincerely thank all those who have put in so much effort to help make our goals come true. We would like to thank our business partners, clients, and our staff for placing their trust in us. We promise to continue providing the highest standards of quality across all our businesses.

May Allah support us in achieving our desired goals.



Dedicated railway services supporting the national ifrastructure


At Nobles Modern Systems we produce various agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, animal feed as well as flowers for export as well as the local market.


 Nobles Real Estate, produces architectural, structural, as well as interior designs for various clients.