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Nobles Modern Systems is Nobles Groups agricultural services business that addresses technological aspects of agriculture. At Nobles Modern Systems we produce various agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, animal feed as well as flowers for export as well as the local market.

We produce these products using the latest technologies used in irrigation systems, agricultural machinery, green houses, environmentally friendly fertilizers and insecticides.

At Nobles Modern Systems we inputs, equipment, as well as know-how and encourage our clients to use the latest in modern agricultural systems in all steps of the production cycle. The proper adoption of scientific methods coupled with the latest technologies will result in efficient use of resources, higher yields, and long-term reduction in costs, thus, leading to a sustainable, profitable and successful business for our clients.

Nobles Modern Systems Company is a one-stop-shop for modern, complete, and integrated agricultural solutions.

Featured Projects

Nobles Greenhouses

Nobles Modern Systems is one of the major suppliers of prefabricated Greenhouses in the region.

Nobles Farm

Nobles Farm is where we perform our research and development of agricultural technologies that we adopt and disseminate to farmers in the region.

Nobles Agricultural Production

At Nobles Modern Systems we do not only provide agricultural inputs but we also produce a wide range of products such as fruits, vegetables, as well as flowers.